a more personalized approach

with aevaa the sole purpose was to create an interaction that was so personalized that it left a lasting imprint on the user making it the next revolution in digital marketing

more than a bot.

aevaa is a conversational avatar that sits on your digital doorstep, enhancing and amplifying your brand to gain maximum impact with better engagement than you would have ever achieved on your own. with aevaa, brands can now have a direct dialogue with any consumer.

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connecting with your customers on a mass scale can get messy.

aevaa allows your business to directly connect with your customers and place your brand where it matters.  

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    Lead Generation

    Prevetting and qualifying leads. Aevaa allows you to prevet leads before they even sign up for your service so you have full control over which type of client you want to work with saving you both time and money.
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    Keep the sales process moving. Most leads lose interest because traditional website are a drag to navigate through and are not designed to be interactive unlike aevaa who is designed to engage and impress your potential leads and customers.
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    Automate your Appointment Setting

    Stop losing out on leads and completely automate your appointment setting with aevaa. Making the whole process seamless for both you and your customers.
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    Make on-boarding a seamless process with aevaa. Traditional onboarding methods are a drag for both you and the customer with all the boring forms so why not automate it with aevaa and make it a fun interactive experience for the customer and allows you to gather the important information you need.
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    Post Sale Customer Support

    Never leave your customers in the dark. Always be there for your customers 24/7 and make aevaa your first point of contact for your customers if they need help. Need a human to help out? No problem! Schedule appointments through aevaa.
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    Customer feedback/ratings

    Being receptive to your customer base is key to moving your business forward and evolving your product or service. Let's be real traditional surveys are boring and only 10-15% fill out surveys. That will all change with aevaa allowing you to gather the information you need that allow you to make the key decisions for your business that actually make a difference.
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    Take your business to the next level.

    AI is the future! So why not? Go ahead and take advantage of it and be ahead of your competitors and wow your clients. The future is now!
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