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  • 24x7 availability
    aevaa is always there unlike your traditonal sales reps or customer support reps
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    aevaa can actively engage with your potential leads sparking interest in your brand and your offerings
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
    you and your customers will love interacting with aevaa and we will be there for every step of the way from designing your bot to taking it live.

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 keeping the user interface as simple as possible was crucial to making the interactions seamless and effortless. aevaa's simple interface and interactivity makes it an enjoyable experience for your users to provide the necessary customer data insights your business needs.

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  • Gain Insight

    aevaa provides a more holistic insight by connecting with your customers through a more interactive approach of gathering ratings and feedback.
  • Boost your Online Presence

    aevaa's witty personality combined with a more direct placement of your brand will leave your customers in awe and will boost your online presence
  • Simple UI

    aevaa's simple interface and interactivity makes it an enjoyable experience for your users to provide the necessary feedback your business needs
  • Functionality

    functionality is a feature that sets us apart from the competition... we can custom tailor your bot's functionality to your business's needs maximizing productivity and ROI
  • Custom Branding

    we can completely brand your bot to your business with your logo... show off your business colors to your clients and give them a great impression of your business
  • Dedicated Support

    we are there for you from day one and you will have the dedicated support and tech know how to make sure you aren't left in the dark if you run into a hiccup

streamlining customer feedback.

customer feedback is an essential part of any business and often gets overlooked. with aevaa as your customer satisfaction assistant you'll be in good hands when it comes to figuring out how your customers respond to your business enabling you to provide a better experience for your customers making them come back again and again. 

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All of our customers have loved aevaa and how interactive it is and our reviews have jumped by almost 250% ever since!

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